Grind 101

Getting to grips with all the different grinds? Not sure which method is for you? New to home-brewing? We got you! Here are some tips for enjoying your perfect cup of coffee at home.


Espresso Your Passion

Looking for something intense and concentrated? Also good with milk? Espresso’s your match! Great for those looking to get creative with coffee-shop style drinks in the home.

Choose our finely ground Espresso option.


Fancy Filter? How bout a V60?

Filter is perfect if you fancy a lighter bodied, delicate blend that captures the distinct flavours of your coffee. A great way to familiarise yourself with speciality coffee or brewing more professionally.

Choose our Filter option if buying for use with a V60.


Cafetiere or French Press - Sophisticated but easy

For those searching for a heavier bodied blend that allows you to experience all the flavours and aromas of your coffee. An easy way to start brewing and enjoying delicious coffee at home.

Choose the Cafetiere option when buying for your Cafetiere or French Press.


Whole bean - Keep your options open

Whole bean coffee supplied straight to you so you can enjoy however you like.

Choose our Whole Bean option when buying to grind at home.


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